Managing the Occupational Education Laboratory
Revised Edition

By George Storm

Details on the most effective and efficient methods of lab management.

Contents include selecting equipment and supplies, facilities planning, material control, maintenance, record keeping, preparing budgets, organizing personnel, orienting students, and serving adult and special-needs students. A valuable resource for all vocational educators.

ISBN: 0-911168-84-2
216 pages; 7" x 10"; paperback

Workforce Preparation:
An International Perspective

Edited by Dennis R. Herschbach and Clifton P. Campbell

In this important book, 20 leaders in workforce/vocational education and training from around the world detail how different countries are reforming their schools and workplaces to strengthen employment-related education.

Dennis R. Herschbach is the coordinator of the Comparative and International Studies program in the Department of Education Policy, Planning and Administration, College of Education, University of Maryland, College Park.

Contents by chapter:

Part I: Policy Perspectives on Workforce Preparation

Part 2: Case Studies of Selected Country Practices

280 pages; 7" x 10"

Paperback (ISBN 0-911168-97-4):

Hardcover (ISBN 0-911168-98-2):



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Machinists' Ready Reference
10th edition

Compiled by C. Weingartner

The same great book made even greater with enhanced readability and expanded content! Durable and easy-to-read book provides the essential procedures, charts, tables (including expanded trig tables), and formulas used by machinists, toolmakers, mechanical engineers, and designers. Handy 4-1/4" x 6" book is spiral bound to lie flat when open.

The book's 11 sections cover:

ISBN: 978-0-9703398-5-0
352 pages; 4-1/2" x 6"; spiral bound
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Machinists’ Ready Reference Contents

I. Mathematical Information

II. Drills

III. Tapers

IV. Screws, Threads, Fasteners

V. Milling, Shaping, Turning

VI. Gears

VII. Weights, Gages, Tolerances

VIII. Tool Steels and Other Metals

IX. Metric Information

X. Reading Shop Prints

XI. Supplementary Information

Machinists' Ready Reference 9th edition

Managing the Occupational Education Laboratory\ Revised Edition


Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals
By H. C. Kazanas

This book is designed for educators and students involved in metal trades including toolmaking, diemaking, drafting, Machines Trades Education, sheet-metal work, and  welding.

 It covers such areas as nonferrous metals and alloys; production of irons and steels; tool steels; heating, quenching, and tempering; annealing and aging; surface hardening and plating; and testing of metals. Instructor's guide is also available.

ISBN: 0-911168-39-7
112 pages; 6" x 9"; paperback

Instructor's Guide: ISBN: 0-911168-40-0

Winning Ways:
Best Practices
in Work-Based Learning

Edited by Albert J. Pautler, Jr., and Deborah M. Buffamanti

Students who participate in work-based learning apply and reinforce the knowledge and skills they acquire in school. They learn the value of good work habits, practice essential interpersonal skills, and find school more relevant to their real-life needs. At the community college level, participating students are more likely than others to complete their studies, to graduate with lower school-related debt, and to find permanent employment after graduation. Winning Ways presents the surest routes to career success, as described by 25 highly regarded educators, public policy experts, and industrial trainers.

Winning Ways: Best Practices in Work-Based Learning

Contents by chapter:

Editor Albert J. Pautler, Jr., is a professor of education at SUNY-Buffalo and a consultant to many organizations.

ISBN: 0-911168-94-X
240 pages; 7" x 10"; paperback

Winning Ways: Best Practices in Work-Based Learning

Workforce Education Issues for the New Century

Workforce Preparation: An International Perspective

Career / Technical Education Books

Outdoor Power Equipment Electrical Systems

Oral Communication Skills for Vo-Tech Students

Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

Outdoor Power Equipment
Electrical Systems

By William A. Schuster

This book presents a step-by-step introduction to understanding and troubleshooting the electrical systems of lawn and garden equipment powered by small gas and diesel engines.

Coverage ranges from basic electrical theory and circuits through circuit testing, starting and charging systems, and ignitions. Because the author does not rely on extensive use of mathematics to explain electrical theory, a wide range of readers can gain clear understanding of the topic. While components may differ, the theory also applies to other equipment such as motorcycles, snowmobiles, and watercraft.

Appropriate for beginning students through experienced technicians.

ISBN: 1-57074-262-6
140 pages; 8-1/2" x 11"; paperback

Workforce Education Issues for the New Century
Edited by Albert J. Pautler, Jr.

This book presents expert views and advice for creating successful career and technical education programs nationwide. Prominent educators address curriculum content and design, teacher education, federal legislation, and research results and priorities. Fields covered include career and technical education, vocational education, school-to-work, tech prep, and technology education.

Workforce Education: Issues for the New Century also

Editor Albert J. Pautler, Jr., is a professor of education at the State University of New York-Buffalo and consultant to many organizations.

Contents by chapter:

Part 1: Background

Part 2: Career Development

Part 3: Program Areas

Part 4: Special Topics

Part 5: Future Perspectives

ISBN 0-911168-95-8
296 pages; 7" x 10"; paperback