Cutting Tool Essentials 
An Interactive CD-ROM Instructional Unit
Produced by Precision Learning

The increasing sophistication of machine trades equipment and production procedures demands highly specialized training. Yet, companies often lack the time and resources to provide detailed person-to-person instruction. This interactive training program will boost worker efficiency and reduce instruction costs.

Cutting Tools Essentials is organized into four modules:

All modules contain in-depth information, digital movies, 3-D animations, and other elaborative illustrations. Each module has a content menu that lets users immediately access any topic in the lesson. Simulations at various stages in the modules allow users to experiment with what they've learned without having to use actual tools and materials. All modules also feature engaging games that let users test—and improve—their skills and efficiency.

CD-ROM and instructional handbook:
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school/web price: $227.40

“I'm impressed! This is a great learning tool for the beginner in tool grinding or Machines Trades Education.”—Jim Chambers, The Boeing Company

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Machinists' Ready Reference
9th edition
, Revised
Compiled by C. Weingartner

Machinists and toolmakers must constantly look up data and solve problems in the course of their work. Machinists' Ready Reference is a convenient and easy-to-use source for all the essentials.

This best-selling book offers a wealth of information on the procedures, tools, and metals involved in machining.

The book's 11 sections cover:

The revised and expanded 9th edition presents new and updated material on layout and geometric construction; plane geometric figures; hole spacings; bend allowances; ratio and proportion; angular gage blocks; sine bars; high-speed steels; surface treatments; tapers; thread shapes; and keyways.

In addition to machinists and toolmakers, Machinists' Ready Reference offers valuable information for designers and drafters, engineers, production planners, and inspectors.

ISBN: 0-9703398-0-1
312 pages; 4-1/2" x 6"; wirebound
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Machinists’ Ready Reference Contents

I. Mathematical Information

II. Drills

III. Tapers

IV. Screws, Threads, Fasteners

V. Milling, Shaping, Turning

VI. Gears

VII. Weights, Gages, Tolerances

VIII. Tool Steels and Other Metals

IX. Metric Information

X. Reading Shop Prints

XI. Supplementary Information

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Cutting Tool Essentials 

Machinists' Ready Reference
9th edition

Master Machinist Series on DVD

Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals


Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals
By H. C. Kazanas

This book is designed for educators and students involved in metal trades such as toolmaking, diemaking, drafting, Machines Trades Education, sheet-metal work, and  welding.

It covers such areas as nonferrous metals and alloys; production of irons and steels; tool steels; heating, quenching, and tempering; annealing and aging; surface hardening and plating; and testing of metals. Instructor's guide is also available.

ISBN: 0-911168-39-7
112 pages; 6" x 9"; paperback
List price: $21.95; school/web price: $17.56

Instructor's Guide: ISBN: 0-911168-40-0
List price: $3.50; school/web price: $2.80

Master Machinist Series on DVD
Produced by David Burns

This new videotape series provides excellent individualized or classroom instruction and skills review. The series is produced by a journeyman toolmaker and emphasizes safe procedures throughout. Content has been reviewed by machine trades instructors.

Special price for the set of all three DVDs: $169.95

Engine Lathe

Covers setups and operations, thread chasing, 4-jaw chuck, faceplate, follower rest, and steady rest.

Click here to download a sample MPEG file

Running time: 60 minutes. school/web price: $59.95

Inspection Tools

Explains and demonstrates how to use and interpret readings of the precision tools of the trade.

Click here to download a sample MPEG file

Running time: 40 minutes. school/web price: $59.95

Milling Machine

Covers setups and operations, milling, drilling, tapping, boring head, rotary table, and so forth.

Click here to download a sample MPEG file

Running time: 90 minutes. school/web price: $59.95