Micrometer Gage

First invented in 1640,  the micrometer was greatly improved by Laroy Sunderland Starrett in 1881. He decreased the head size to allow their use in tight places, enclosed the screw threads to protect them, added a locking device to hold a measurement, and added what he called a “speeder”.  This 18x24 poster depicts Starretts original patent drawing.


Universal Grinding Machine

The Grinding Machine was invented by Joseph Rogers Brown, to grind needle bars for the sewing machines that his company made. The machine took him 10 years to perfect and was patented in 1877.  Universal grinders are still in use throughout the world and differ little from Brown’s original design.

Machinist Posters

Dress up your classroom or office with the history of American Industry!

The Machinist Poster Series is a tribute to early inventions so revolutionary that  the industry was forever changed, machines and tools that laid the groundwork for modern day Machines Trades Education. Copies of the original patent drawings as well as early illustrations of completed machines make them a must have for anyone interested in the early history of the trade. These 18x24 posters are great for any shop or office.

All posters are 18" x 24" and printed on glossy poster stock.

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Universal Milling Machine

The Universal Milling Machine also credited to Brown in 1862, was originally produced to make any size twist drill. Today no machine shop would be complete without some version of this machine first built almost 150 years ago