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Build a Wind Tunnel
Teachers can build this inexpensive wind tunnel. Background information and construction tips included.

A Clock for All Lessons

A woodworking project for student teachers working with beginning students.

Light Traces
Combines woodworking and electricity. For middle school and high school levels.

A Curriculum for Teaching 32mm Cabinet Construction
Ideal for high school and postsecondary programs.

Learning Technology thru Technology
A simple project that develops student's critical-thinking and writing skills while helping them develop an interactive website. Grade level: High school

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Alphabetical Listing of Available Projects:

A-B       C-D       E-H       I-L       M-O       P-R       S-T       U-Z

Following each project name are codes showing applicable subject areas.

3-D Visualization Practice with Cube Puzzles D/P

Acrylic Project M

Aerial Mapping A/C

Alternative Energy Vehicles: The Commuter Scooter E/PE/T

Applied Mathematics A/D/S

Assembly Line Activities M

Astigmatism Diagnosis Graphic D

Automotive Aerodynamics P/T

Band Saw Basics W

Baseball Equipment Rack W

Basic Electronic Circuits E

Basic Electronics and Computer Programming Project E

Battery Comparator E

Bat Wing Flyer: A Glider Challenge P/T/Z

The Bicycle: A Great Vehicle for Learning A/T

Binary Systems E

Biotechnology: Ergonomics D/P

Biotechnology: Hydroponics A

Biotechnology: Uncle Sam the Radioactive Man A

Biotechnology: Waste Management A/P

Bipolar Transistor Operation and Configuration E

Boomerangs! P/T/Z

Building a Better Mousetrap Offers Cross-Curricular Connections A/P

Building a Simple Jeopardy Circuit E

Building a Putt-Putt Golf Obstacle D/E/P

Building Peace Poles M/W

Calculating Home Electricity Consumption A/PE

Candy Bar Activity Teaches CAD, Math, and Design A/C/D

Cardboard Boat Project A/D/P/T

Cardboard Chair Design D/P

Cardboard Wind Tunnel P/T

Career Posters A

Cast Ring M

Cereal Box Design A/C/D/P

Cheapo Aerospace Technology A/P/T

CNC Activity Introduces the Flatbed Router D/M

CNC Programming M

Collapsible Structures D/P

Collapsible Wooden Table Project Teaches Design and Engineering P/W

Combustion Rocket A/T

Conduct Load Test Experiments Using Simple Materials A/B/P

Constructing Simple Gyroscopes A/T/W

Constructing a Printed-Circuit Board Quiz Game Project E

Construction Acoustics: Acoustical Insulator B/P

Conveyor Systems M

Cookin' with Sun—Design and Build Solar Cookers A/PE/P

Cost-Effective Tower Building and Testing B/P

Crash Testing Challenge Aims to Save Egg/Driver P/T/Z

Crash Testing in the Lab P/T/Z

Creating a Coin Sorter D/P

Creating an Effective Newsletter A/C

Creativity P

Crumple Zones D/P/T

Crush-Worthiness—An Introduction to Materials Testing P

Cryptology C/P/S

Current-Measuring-Skills Tester E

Deck Construction B/D

Descriptive Geometry Project A/D

Design and Build a Kayak from PVC Pipe and Shrink-Wrap P

Design and Build Gumball Machines D/M/P/W

Designer Concrete B/P

Designing a Self-Sustaining Community B/E/PE/P

Designing and Testing a Model Car Frame D/T

Designing Machine Elements in CAD D/M

Designing Memorials and Monuments B/D

Designing Playgrounds B/D

Digital Camera Project for Beginners A/C

Digital Photography C

Doghouse Project Hones Construction Skills B/W

Drafting Challenges D

Egg Bungee Jump! P

Electric Power: Decisions for the Future PE

Electronic Ear E

Electronics Technology Design Project E

Emergency Electric Candle E

Encourage Recycling Through Communications Project A/C

Energy Conservation A/PE

Energy-Efficient Home Design B/PE

Engineering Design: Testing Paper Clip Strength P/S

The Evolution of Communicaton C

Experiments Demonstrate Geothermal Heating Concepts B/PE

Factory Layout and Planning M/P/S

Fence Construction B/D

Fiber Optics: The Firefly Communicator C/E

Fire as Technology P/Z

Forensics 101—Applying Physics to Solve Crimes A/P

Four Handy Metal Kitchen Tools M

Gears A/M

General Challenges P/S

General Challenges 2 P/S

Geodesic Dome B

Geodesic Dome Construction A/B

Glider Design for Beginners D/T

‘Green’ Project Teaches Design and Language Skills A/C

Ground Effect Vehicles PE/T/Z

GPS Projects for the Technology Class P/Z

A Guide to Scanning and Photoshop C

Hero’s Steam Engine PE

Hone Woodworking Skills with Candlestand Project W

Hovercraft Curriculum P/T

Hovercraft Design and Testing P/ T

Hydrodynamics PE/T

Hydrodynamics and Boat Hull Design PE/P/T

Industrial Design: Packaging Design C/D/M/P

Industrial Models: A Futuristic Product D/M/P

Industrial Technology Project Grading Rubric G

Inexpensive Guitar Stand Is Customizable M

Information Storage and Retrieval: A Mechanical Database E/M

Introduction to Microchips E

Job Search Skills 101 A/C

It’s High Time to Make Sundials A/D/M

Katapultos: Teaching Basic Statistics with Ballistics A/P/Z

Lab-Built Op-Amp Checker E

Lab-Built BJT Checker E

Landscape Architecture: Design and Problem Solving D/P

Landscape Architecture Digital Portfolio Project D

Larry Bob’s Block D/M

Lasers A/D/P

Launch Pad Design A/P

Lawn Mower Electronic Shutoff E

LED Flashlight E

Lighter-Than-Air-Vehicles: The Hot-Air Balloon PE/T/Z

Making a Laser Level B/W

Manufacturing: Angles and Lines A/M/S

Manufacturing: Criteria Ranking M/P

Manufacturing: PHD Blocks D

Manuscript Copyholder Project M/W

Marble-A-Maze A/P

Mass Producing a Paper-Cup Dispenser M/W

Materials Science A/B/D/M/P/W

Materials Science Research: The Hygrometer A/M

Materials Testing and Material Strength—‘Sweet’ Activity Teaches the Basics P/S/Z

Math Challenges A/S

The Mathematics of Computers A/E

Mini Solar Race Car A/PE/P/T

Mini Transmitter C/E

Miniature Seesaw Project Teaches Basic Electricity and Magnetism E/W

Model Glider T/Z

Music-Controlled Lights E

'Nerf' Football Project Scores Points with Students A/M/P

A New Twist to Bridge and Tower Building A/B/P

Newspaper Structures A/B/P/Z

Newton's Laws of Motion Challenge A/P

Patio Stone Project A/B

PC Power Management Project Also Teaches Spreadsheet Use A/E/PE

Pinhole Camera for Science, Art, and Fun A/C

Pinball Machine Project P/W

Planned Community B/D/P

Plaster Balloon Sculpture M

Platonic Solids A/D

Pneumatics M/PE

Portfolio Grading System G

Potato Experiment Shows How Germs Spread A/C

Power: Gyroscopes PE/T

Power: Magnetic Levitation PE/P/T

Pressurized Air/Water Rocketry—Build, Test and Learn! A/T/Z

Problem Solving Discovery Days P/S

Problem Solving with Commercial Illustrations C/P

Produce Eye-Catching Silk Screen Projects with Digital Posterizations C

Project Gizmo C/D/M/P

Project X Air Cannon A/P/T

Pyramid Pinhole Camera C

Question Dice M/P

Robotics: The Manipulator M/PE

Rubrics for Drafting and Engineering Classes D/G/P

Scale Model House B/D/S

Shortwave Receiver C/E

Silk Screening Across the Curriculum C

Sim CIM Sundaes M

Simple Sextant A/B

Skateboard Park A/D/PE

A Skateboard Project That Really Rocks! M

Soils Engineering and Its Impact on Construction B/P

Solar Energy Collector PE

Solar Energy Experiments E/PE

Solar Water Skimmer PE/T/Z

Soma Cube A/D/M

Statistics to the Rescue A/M

Stop and Go Vehicle E/T

Structural Truss Elements and Forces B

Structures and Bridges B/P

Submarines: Building a Water Elevator P/T

Supertankers P/T

Table Project Teaches Woodworking and Lamination Basics W

Technical Reading and Writing A

Teach Basic Skills by Making Wooden Words W

Teach Deflection Concepts with Hacksaw Blades and Rubber Bands B/P

Teach Drafting Concepts with Students’ Favorite Foods D

Teach Duotone Production with Screen Printing C

Teach Energy Savings with Cardboard ‘House’ B/PE

Teach Geometry Concepts with the Aid of the Great Pyramids A

Teach Quality Control with Gambrel Roof Truss Challenge B

Tensional Integrity A/B/D/P

Testing How Structure and Shape Affect Strength B/P/Z

Three Handy Filler Projects W

Three Handy Wooden Kitchen Tools W

Three-Piece Puzzle M/W

Time-Motion Study M

Toast Anyone? A/E/PE

Toothpick Experiment: Investigating Construction Strength B/P/Z

Towers: A Smashing Activity A/B/P

Toy Truck Project M/W/Z

Transportation Signals E

Turbines PE

Twenty-Second Timer P

Understanding Automotive Relays E/T

Understanding Energy Consumption and Phantom Loads A/E/PE

Understanding How Heat Works A/B

Up Periscope A/E/P/T

Usability Testing C

Use PowerPoint to Introduce Graphic Design C

Using Jigs and Fixtures: A Design Brief D/M

Vacuum Cannon: A Demonstration of the Power of Atmospheric Pressure D/PE/P

Vehicle Safety Awareness Project T

Wanted! Famous Technologists Posters A/C

Water Pressure Basics A/B/P

Wind Power & Wind Turbines A/PE/P

Windsor Chair Makes Great Capstone Project W

Wing on a String T

Wooden Christmas Tree Is Ideal for Mass Production W

Wooden Game Project M/W

Wooden Pizza Cutter M/W

Wright Brothers’ Bat T

Wright Wings: An Introduction to Aero-Modeling Basics P/T

Write Right! A

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