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Written by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use, hands-on projects for technology education and applied science classes are great curriculum enhancement tools. They really get students motivated!

Simply print and use for as many students—and for as many times—as desired. Our high-quality activities save you time and help your students really understand the principles of technology and applied science. Projects include teaching tools such as procedures, vocabulary words, quizzes, photos, illustrations, and much more.

Project Collections

Complete Collection CD
Green Technology Project Collection

On-Demand Classroom Projects Complete Collection

On-Demand Classroom Projects Complete Collection CD—225 projects—$195! Less than 90¢ per project!

The collection includes all the projects created through the 2012-13 publishing year and covers many subject areas, including Problem Solving/Pre-Engineering, Maunfacturing, and Woodworking. Most of the hands-on projects involve critical thinking and include teaching tools such as procedures, vocabulary words, quizzes, photos, illustrations, and more. The collection also includes 10 site licenses so you can share it with your entire department! Don’t miss out—expand your curriculum with our ready-to-use projects! Only $195!

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Green Technology Project Collection
Nine On-Demand Classroom Projects dealing with green technology topics. Only $19.95!

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Projects are

Alternative Energy Vehicles: The Commuter Scooter
Using a small electric motor, an acrylic chassis, model airplane wheels, and other small components, students produce a mini working model of an electric car.

Cookin’ with Sun—Design and Build Solar Cookers
Hot dogs and marshmallows anyone? Brings together math, science, and technology. Teaches students about designing products that address human needs, along with issues related to health and the environment.

Energy Conservation
Teach kids how to save energy—and money—before they’re paying the bills! A light bulb energy calculation activity, a home energy efficiency test, and lots of tips and info on how to be a wise energy consumer are included.

Energy-Efficient Home Design
Activities give students a practical understanding of the amount of energy the average home uses and wastes and teaches them about energy-efficient design.

Mini Solar Race Car
Miniature solar-powered electric car that students can construct, plus background on how transmissions work and advice on sources of information on solar cars.

Solar Energy Experiments
Background on solar energy and its uses, plus six engaging activities.

The Solar Water Skimmer
Students attach a teacher-made solar panel and motor system to a Styrofoam boat of their own design.

Understanding Energy Consumption and Phantom Loads
Background on typical household electricity usage and phantom loads, plus three activities in which students estimate the amount and cost of electrical leakage from electronic devices and appliances in their homes.

Wind Power & Wind Turbines
Middle school students learn about torque, build and test their own wind turbines, learn to calculate kilowatts per hour, and measure the power of their wind turbines.