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Written by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use, hands-on projects for technology education and applied science classes are great curriculum enhancement tools. They really get students motivated!

Simply duplicate and use for as many students—and for as many times—as desired. Our high-quality activities save you time and help your students really understand the principles of technology and applied science. Projects include teaching tools such as procedures, vocabulary words, quizzes, photos, illustrations and much more.

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Only $4.95 each.

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Projects are intended for unlimited copying and use by purchaser only. For multi-teacher use, site licenses are available. Hard copies available at an adjusted price. Please contact Vanessa Revelli at 734-975-2800 x306 or for information.

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Applied Mathematics
Architects, designers, engineers and technicians routinely make mathematical calculations for construction and production. The activities provided here give students experience in calculating perimeter, circumference, area and volume.

Scytale transposition ciphers, substitution ciphers, picture alphabets, grill ciphers and one-time systems are all covered. Includes two encryption activities, one of which requires middle schoolers to build and use an encryption wheel. Mini

Engineering Design: Testing Paper Clip Strength
This project discusses the roles of failure, conflict and serendipity, as well as production concerns involved in engineering design, and includes an engaging, low-cost fatigue-testing activity. Mini project, only $2.95.

Factory Layout and Planning
Discusses the different advantages of process plants and product plants, and eight essential qualities of safe and maximally efficient factories. Middle schoolers then design their own toy factory layout. Project includes machine template, room patterns and accessories. Mini project, only $2.95.

General Challenges
From the best of the More than Fun archives! Nineteen puzzlers to develop your students logical-thinking skills. Includes two sheets of problems and two sheets of solutions. Perfect one-day project for you or a sub!

General Challenges 2
Nineteen more brainteasers and thought-provoking problems from the best of the "More Than Fun" archives -- guaranteed to test your students' problem-solving skills! Great for those students who finish activities before the rest of the class or when lesson plans run short.

Manufacturing: Angles and Lines
A brief discussion of the key role that precision plays in modern manufacturing, plus three activities that give students practice with solving for missing angles.

Materials Testing and Material StrengthSweet Activity Teaches the Basics
Fun project uses Tootsie Rolls to teach the key concepts of materials testing and material strength.The activity appeared in the April 2014 issue of Tech Directions. It has been reformatted as an independent student project with ready-to-copy student instructions. It does not contain any additional information. Only $2.95!

Math Challenges
From the best of the More than Fun archives! Twenty mathematical mind-benders that engage and enrage young minds. Includes two sheets of problems and two sheets of solutions. Perfect one-day project for you or a sub!

Problem Solving Discovery Days
These projects build students problem-solving skills, developing their use of creative logic, conflict resolution, organization and sound judgment in decision making. Perfect for middle schoolers. Includes 15 pages of handouts for six complete projects.

Scale Model House
Students learn to read a blueprint and practice measuring in architectural scale, then build their own cardboard scale-model house.

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