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Written by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use, hands-on projects for technology education and applied science classes are great curriculum enhancement tools. They really get students motivated!

Simply duplicate and use for as many students—and for as many times—as desired. Our high-quality activities save you time and help your students really understand the principles of technology and applied science. Projects include teaching tools such as procedures, vocabulary words, quizzes, photos, illustrations and much more.

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Band Saw Basics
This project gives detailed advice and guidelines for ensuring safe and injury-free student use of the band saw, plus introductory projects that provide experience with measurement, mathematics and scaling, in addition to hands-on band saw use.

Baseball Equipment Rack
Building this sports rack teaches students a variety of woodworking construction techniques, plus face-to-face and edge-to-edge build-up sequences. The activity appeared in the March 2014 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted to provide a student instructions handout. A Tech Directions Classic. Only $2.95!

Building Peace Poles
Peace Poles are planted at schools, in parks, and at other places worldwide. Making small-scale versions is a great wood technology activity. It can be used with middle school students using hand tools and as an introduction to power tools with high schoolers. The activity appeared in the February 2013 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted. Full-size student procedures and a grading rubric for middle school students are included. Only $2.95.

Collapsible Wooden Table Project Teaches Design and Engineering
Challenge students to design a collapsible table. Project adapts woodworking technology to teach design and engineering. It appeared in the February 2012 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted to provide a student handout listing the Design Challenge. It does not include specific design plans. Only $2.95.

Constructing a Simple Gyroscope
Students learn about the physics of gyroscopes and their various applications, then construct a simple gyroscope based on the design of a spinning top.

Design and Build Gumball Machines
Students get great experience with research and design, problem solving, use of jigs and fixtures, and the details of the mass production process.

Doghouse Project Hones Construction Skills
Students build a doghouse from the ground up! From laying out components and performing slump tests to setting footers and laying shingles. Includes lots of supplemental material, including detailed procedures, materials cost and estimation charts, CAD drawings, glossary and more.

Hone Woodworking Skills with Candlestand Project
A high-quality, well-designed activity produces an excellent, inexpensive piece of furniture. The activity appeared in the November 2013 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted to provide a student instructions handout. A Tech Directions Classic. Only $2.95!

Making a Laser Level
This project gives detailed procedure for constructing an inexpensive, very accurate level that incorporates a laser pointer.

Manuscript Copyholder Project
Heres an item thats easy to fabricate out of common materials. It can be either an individual project or a production item that can easily be modified and mass produced.

Mass Producing a Paper-Cup Dispenser
Mass-producing this paper-cup dispenser teaches both mass-production procedures and woodworking skills. Mini project, only $2.95.

Materials Science
Middle schoolers learn about the basic types of materials and their properties, how to measure and safely use basic tools, and how to design and construct a prototype and final project using these materials.

Miniature Seesaw Project
Teaches Basic Electricity and Magnetism. Students build an electrically-operated seesaw that serves as an excellent model for visualizing magnetic repulsion and also helps with understanding the left-hand rule of current flow.

Pinball Machine Project
Find out whos the pinball wizard in your classroom! This project challenges students to design and construct their own pinball machine using their knowledge of simple machines, such as gears, pulleys, inclined planes, levers, and wheels. Students also learn various engineering concepts while honing their problem-solving skills. Perfect for Introduction to Technology classes. Project includes a design brief, materials and equipment lists, a grading rubric, guidelines for a written project summary, and a list of standards addressed.

Table Project Teaches Woodworking and Lamination Basics
Building a sturdy and versatile table can be an intermediate project for middle school students with some hand tool experience or provide a simple introduction to basic power tools or mass production procedures. The activity appeared in the February 2014 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted for easy classroom use. It contains ready-to-copy student instructions. A Tech Directions Classic. Only $2.95!

Teach Basic Skills by Making Wooden Words
The Name Puzzle requires minimal material, teaches woodworking skills, and provides high student motivation. The activity appeared in the September 2013 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted to provide a student instructions handout. Two additional alphabets for students to use are included. A Tech Directions Classic.

Three Handy Filler Projects
These quick projects teach woodworking skills and provide students with self-made entertainment.

Three Handy Wooden Kitchen Tools
Project includes instructions for making a spaghetti serving sizer, a napkin holder, and a set of spice containers. Projects teach hand tool use, turning on a lathe, and a variety of joinery methods.

Three-Piece Puzzle
In the course of making wooden puzzles, students learn about the various roles involved in industrial production (procurement, product engineering, process engineering, plant engineering, personnel management and administration), as well as about such concepts as prototype, quality control, and industrial safety.

Toy Truck Project
This activity uses inexpensive 2 x 4 lumber and is well suited for mass production.

Windsor Chair Makes Great Capstone Project
Wood technology instructors can challenge their talented and experienced students with a Windsor chair project.. The activity appeared in the January 2014 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted to provide a student instructions handout. A Tech Directions Classic. Only $2.95!

Wooden Christmas Tree Is Ideal for Mass Prodiction
Simple shapes and clean lines make this Christmas tree suitable for most any class. The activity appeared in the December 2013 issue of Tech Directions and has been reformatted to provide a student instructions handout. A Tech Directions Classic. Only $2.95!.

Wooden Game Project
This lab activity makes an excellent mass-production project. Mini project, only $2.95.

Wooden Pizza Cutter
A clever wood project teaches students about rotary routing jigs and mass production techniquesand provides them with a tool for slicing a treat!

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