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Written by teachers for teachers, these ready-to-use, hands-on projects for technology education and applied science classes are great curriculum enhancement tools. They really get students motivated!

Simply duplicate and use for as many students—and for as many times—as desired. Our high-quality activities save you time and help your students really understand the principles of technology and applied science. Projects include teaching tools such as procedures, vocabulary words, quizzes, photos, illustrations and much more.

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Bat Wing Flyer: A Glider Challenge
By constructing model gliders from foam egg cartons, students are introduced to the parts of an airplane and learn how to balance for maximum flight performance.

Studying and making boomerangs teaches students about four forces that affect an airplanes flight: thrust, gravity, drag and lift. Flying the boomerangs is motivating for students and teachers alike!

Crash Testing Challenge Aims to Save Egg/Driver
In this twist on the classic egg-drop activity, students modify a small crash test vehicle to protect its raw egg occupant. Project appeared in the November issue of Tech Directions. It has been reformatted for easy classroom use. Mini project, only

Crash Testing in the Lab
Students find crash testing CO2 cars really exciting--and in the course of the activity they learn a lot about the nature of force, mass, energy absorption, crumple zones, passenger containment and automotive safety.

Fire as Technology
Challenge your students to be survivors in a five-day classroom activity! Students research various materials and methods to produce fire without the use of matches or other modern means, then must create fire to keep their society alive. Mini project, only $2.95.

GPS Projects for the Technology Class
One of the hottest new crazes, geocaching--a high-tech treasure hunt--uses GPS technology. Used for a number of years in navigation and location finding, GPS has many different applications. Introduce it to your students with these engaging projects.

Ground Effect Vehicles
Students study hydrofoils, aerofoils and hovercraftsvehicles designed to skim across bodies of water while transporting people and things. Project culminates in students building a tabletop hovercraft. Mini project, only $2.95.

Katapultos: Teaching Basic Statistics with Ballistics
Heads up! This technology project increases math, science and technology correlations within the classroom while giving students a fun way to collect and apply measurement data.

The Hot-Air Balloon Students learn the basics of lighter-than-air flight, then construct a simple, small hot-air balloon from a plastic bag, thread, paper, and cardboard.

Materials Testing and Material StrengthSweet Activity Teaches the Basics
Fun project uses Tootsie Rolls to teach the key concepts of materials testing and material strength.The activity appeared in the April 2014 issue of Tech Directions. It has been reformatted as an independent student project with ready-to-copy student instructions. It does not contain any additional information. Only $2.95!

Model Glider
Move over Wright Brothers! This project gives students background information on the history of aviation that they use to then build and fly a small model glider.

Newspaper Structures
Challengebuild a geodesic dome large enough for a student to sit inside. Capture students interest in this fascinating project that uses only newspaper, scissors, masking tape, and dowel rods. Students will have fun and learn about physics topics, such as strength-to-weight ratios, Eulers Law of regular polyhedra, and much more.

Pressurized Air/Water RocketryBuild, Test and Learn!
The history of rocketry, the functioning of liquid-fuel and pressurized-air rockets and Newtons laws are covered. Then, students and/or instructor build a launcher using wood and PVC tubing and launch bottle rockets.

Testing How Structure and Shape Affect Strength
Using only paper, tape and glue, students construct several structures and shapes to examine how different construction techniques affect an objects strength. Then, using a teacher-built smasher, the objects are put to the test.

The Solar Water Skimmer
Students attach a teacher-made solar panel and motor system to a Styrofoam boat of their own design.

Toothpick Experiment: Investigating Construction Strength
Students experiment to determine the strength of various kinds of joints, then design and test the strength of

Toy Truck Project
This activity uses inexpensive 2 x 4 lumber and is well suited for mass production.

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