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techdirections offers a wide array of titles in the fields of technology, career and technical education, and related industrial fields. An assortment of books, live-action videos, software, and posters complement a growing list of products to help you enhance your students' learning. Please use the links here to browse our many products -- tailored to meet your classroom needs


Award-winning author Dennis Karwatka's series tells the story of our technology's evolution in a way that all readers can understand—with emphasis on the fascinating and inspiring inventors who have driven technological innovation.

  • Building Civilization

  • Connecting Civilization

  • Moving Civilization

  • Technology's Past, Vol. 1

  • Technology's Past, Vol. 2


This series presents a wealth of background information on all fields of technology, plus a variety of engaging hands-on, minds-on activities that reinforce key principles and grab students' interest.

  • Technology Projects for the Classroom

  • More Technology Projects for the Classroom

  • Exploring Solar Energy: Principles and Projects

  • Exploring Solar Energy, II: Activities in Solar Electricity

  • Handbook Two for Aerospace Education: A Guide to Projects and Applications


Solid background on the CTE field, plus detailed discussion of the best practices of successful programs nation- and world-wide.

  • High School to Employment Transistion

  • Machinists' Ready Reference, 10th Edition

  • Managing the Occupational Education Laboratory

  • Outdoor Power Equipment Electrical Systems

  • Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals

  • Winning Ways: Best Practices in Work-Based Learning

  • Workforce Education: Issues for the New Century

  • Workforce Preparation: An International Perspective


A best-selling, easy to use on-the-job or in-the-lab handbook for students and practicing machinists, plus complementary materials and aids in nonprint media.

  • Machinists' Ready Reference, 10th Edition

  • Master Machinist DVDs

  • Properties and Uses of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals