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System Requirements
166 MHz Pentium processor or faster
8X speed CD-ROM drive or faster
Sound Card (preferred)
Mouse and Keyboard

Windows® 95/98/2000/XP/ME or Windows NT

Time Engineers

Time Engineers™ is a unique educational game which teaches math, science, physics, plus history to students while time-traveling through 3D interactive environments. Time Engineers encourages trial-and-error experimentation, allowing students to adjust variable factors in their attempts to solve problems successfully.

In Ancient Egypt, they experiment with ramps, workers, and the type of stone to build pyramids. During World War II, they help design a stealth submarine or a radar system. During the Middle Ages, students help design a drawbridge and a catapult. In each, there are several factors that students can adjust to be successful. The content, delivered through narration, text and interactive exercises, includes binary numbers, boolean logic, weirs and water flow, force balance and trajectory. Time Engineers comes complete with an electronic teacher manual (PDF format) that was developed to support your efforts in the classroom or home.

Key Features
Made in conjunction with the College of Engineering at Valparaiso University.
Provides students with opportunities to learn how engineering principles helped people through the ages.
Captivating and effective program where students are quickly immersed in the applications of science.
Students get to travel in a time machine to three different eras.
Downloadable lesson plans.
Comes complete with a teacher/parent E-guide.
Activities are all hands-on and very interesting.

Target Group
Middle and high school students grades 6-12.

Home Edition $19.95 (Single user)
Designed for students to play at home. Maximum number of copies allowed per customer is 2. CD-ROM jewel case only.

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Educational, Lab Pack, Site License, and School District Unlimited License editions are also available, which include the Classroom Guide.

Call 800-530-9673 x300 for details and pricing.